The value of collaboration (infographic)

The National SIRA database is a truly unique resource that continues to go from strength to strength as new members join. The intelligence held within National SIRA provides our clients, from the financial services sector, leading insurers, retail providers and telecommunications companies, with a broader perspective on an applicant's behaviour, by accessing adverse intelligence from other members. Sharing intelligence amongst our members ensures that each and every organisation maximises their ability to combat fraud or financial crime.

We have put together this infographic to highlight the scale of National SIRA and the remarkable results our clients have seen thought utilising this unique syndicated database at part of their fraud prevention strategies.

By downloading this infographic you will learn:

  • The scale of National SIRA in terms of membership and the amount of data held and processes

  • The savings our clients have seen

  • The amount of third-party data sources available to members

  • The ongoing investment into the development of the technology that power National SIRA

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