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Webinar: Accelerating real-time customer boarding checks without compromising financial crime and fraud analysis

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As the delivery of financial services becomes more complex, regulations tighten and more financial products are delivered online, the challenge to make timely, informed risk decisions is increasing.

Preventing financial crime whilst ensuring your business stays compliant with regulation requires the use of a range of systems to allow good quality assessments. This can slow down the customer journey as many organisations use isolated solutions where the data is siloed in disparate systems or teams.

Manual intervention, and lack of integrated process logic, can be incredibly inefficient and often monopolise the time that teams have to invest in processing new credit or account applications.

In this first interactive webinar, Synectics Solutions’ Intelligence Hub Product Manager, Nick Mincher and Business Development Manager, Dominic Simmons will be joined by Alexander Lukasiewicz, Senior Fraud Data Analyst at Assurant and explain how they have vastly improved the way they have been able to process genuine claims without compromising the sophistication of their fraud checks.

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