Website update - 'Our Thinking'


The industries in which we operate as a company are rapidly changing to adapt to the increasing impact of new technologies, and often it’s hard to keep track of the latest developments.

That’s why we have launched our new section of the website, ‘Our Thinking’ – a resource from Synectics Solutions that provides unique insight into the latest insights and trends you really need to be aware of.

The dedicated section has been created to house useful resources such as our latest industry insight reports, client case studies, thought-leading whitepapers and engaging video content.

All freely available and crafted by our team of experts, use 'Our Thinking' to discover documents detailing the latest thinking on device ID profiling, the power of data sharing in preventing fraud, and the key to managing risk if you’re a challenger bank.

Simon Booth, Marketing Manager at Synectics, said: “We created this pool of information to allow us to more effectively share the knowledge and insight that our teams have, in order for our customers and wider industry to benefit from shared learning."

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